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100 Percent Fed Up reports – A new drug that is making its way across America is literally rotting the skin of users.

Xylazine, which has been approved for veterinary use but not for use in humans, acts as a sedative and is a non-opioid drug that does not respond to Narcon.  The drug, which is rotting the skin of drug users, is currently most prevalent in major Democrat-controlled cities and is also referred to as “tranq dope.”

The zombie drug is most prevalent currently most prevalent in Democrat-controlled major cities like Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles, where Dr. Gary Tsai, the director of substance abuse prevention and control with the LA County Department of Public Health, believes the drug’s prevalence “would increase deaths from overdoses.” Tsai told the Los Angeles Times, “The main concern is we’re already amid the worst overdose crisis in history, nationally and locally.”

Western Journal reports – Jen Shinefeld, a Philadelphia Health Department epidemiologist, told STAT, “The wounds, for lack of a better term, are gnarly.”

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Joseph pointed out that these abscesses are occurring in users regardless of how they ingest the drug. In other words, they are not caused by injection site infections and can appear anywhere on a drug user’s body.

The substance, which seemed to first appear in Philadelphia before migrating west to San Francisco and Los Angeles, was used for cutting heroin, but, most recently, it has been discovered in fentanyl and other illicit drugs.

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