In a shameless propaganda move, new show claims January 6 Trump rally led to Earth’s destruction decades later.Insertion of footage throws show’s original canonical timeline out of whack.

Source: Adan Salazar

The new Star Trek series “Strange New Worlds” on Paramount Plus portrays the Jan. 6 Save America rally as a turning point that leads the world to nuclear war in 2053.

In the show, main character Captain Christopher Pike beams down to a planet where warring factions are about to engage in a planetary civil war.

Pike attempts to reason with the factions, which have just discovered warp technology and are about to use it against each other, by showing them how the fateful January 6 Trump rally in DC led to Earth’s destruction decades later.

“I’ve seen my future. Let me show you yours,” he says, motioning to a monitor that begins showing footage of the Save America rally in DC.

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“Our conflict also started with a fight for freedoms. We called it the second Civil War. Then the Eugenics War, then finally just World War III.”

The monitor then shows footage of a nuclear explosion wiping out a major city, with Pike saying, “This was our last day. The day the earth we knew ceased to exist. What began as an eruption in one nation ended in the eradication of 600,000 species of animals and plants and 30 percent of earth’s population. Global suicide.”

The long-running sci-fi show’s producer, Henry Alonso Myers, defended using the January 6 footage, saying, “Look, Star Trek has always been a show that deals with social issues and we really didn’t want to shy away from that. It was really important for us to make sure that piece, it’s an essential piece of the Roddenberry legacy.”

Worse still, Myers acknowledged the insertion of the footage throws the show’s original canonical timeline out of whack, as the “Eugenics Wars” mentioned by Capt. Pike supposedly took place in the 90s based on previous Star Trek lore.

The Post Millennial explains:

Originally, in Star Trek’s chronology, the Eugenics War and World War Three were in at the end of the 20th century. That has been retconned several times during different series of the show and World War Three was moved to 2026. According to Star Trek: Enterprise in the episode In A Mirror Darkly Part 2, the war began when a group of eco-terrorists commit a genocide that claimed the lives of 600 million people.

Myers says desecrating the entire show’s canonical timeline isn’t a big deal.

There’s a lot of challenging canonical timeline things that get messed up between all of the many [Star Trek] shows and movies that have been made about this [time] period. Between DS9 and Next Gen, and Voyager and Voyage Home. . .we tried very hard to adhere to canon. Sometimes it’s impossible. In the original series, you know, the Eugenics Wars happened in the 1990s. We all lived through the 1990s, we know that the Eugenics Wars, to our knowledge, didn’t happen. At least, certainly not in the way they’re described in Star Trek. But, we don’t want to imply that was not real because Khan is an important character. So, you look for ways to kind of push forward.

The producer told TVLine he hopes the additions don’t alienate viewers.

“We don’t want Trek to be alienating, but also, the values of Trek are pretty straightforward,” he said.

“We’re saying that this is a time of a lot of conflict. We felt like it couldn’t hurt to put that in as a reminder that the path of conflict has a consequence. It wasn’t a scolding or a shaming thing. It was more trying to say that this is a message that we hope will have resonance for today.”