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As we have reported all along, on January 6, 2021, the Capitol Hill Police began firing rubber bullets, gas canisters, and flash grenades at the Trump supporters gathered around the US Capitol without warning.

In the hundreds of conversations we have had with January 6 attendees, political prisoners, and police abuse victims, they all say the same thing. Innocent people were attacked by police without warning.

This was an attack on the American people.

While FBI-Deep State operatives, like Ray Epps, was breaking through barriers and leading Trump supporters to the Capitol, police were readying to fire on them indiscriminately without warning.

Four Trump supporters died that day in the violence. Dozens more were injured. Two Trump supporters, Kevin Greeson and Benjamin Phillips died immediately when police started firing on the crowd – without warning.

We have proof today that there were dozens if not hundreds of government operatives leading the crowd that day to the US Capitol in what can only be described as a planned attack.

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Here is the police brutality evidence thread released by InvestigateJ6 earlier this week.

What led to the storming of the US Capitol on January 6th? #FollowTheTimeline

POLICE BRUTALITY evidence thread.

On January 6th at 1:13pm: Officer Thau and the DC Metropolitan Police arrived on the Capitol’s West Plaza.

Upon arrival, Thau frantically requests Capitol Police provide him with “blast munitions” to start throwing at the mostly peaceful crowd.

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