Follows disgraced former Gov. Cuomo’s executive order mandating 4,500 COVID-positive patients be placed in nursing homes and subsequent coverup.

Source: Jamie White

The newly-installed New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) publicly acknowledged that 12,000 more people died of COVID than was officially reported by former Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Hochul revealed Tuesday in a COVID tracking data item on Wednesday that 12,000 more people in New York have died of COVID since the pandemic swept across the state in early 2020 than Cuomo claimed.

“We’re now releasing more data than had been released before publicly, so people know the nursing home deaths and the hospital deaths are consistent with what’s being displayed by the CDC,” Hochul said Wednesday on MSNBC.

“There’s a lot of things that weren’t happening and I’m going to make them happen. Transparency will be the hallmark of my administration. It’s not hard to do. You just get the information out there and address them,” she added.

This comes after a Cuomo aide admitted to covering up the state’s true COVID death statistics following his 2020 executive order mandating thousands of COVID-positive patients be moved into nursing homes to supposedly ease capacity burdens for hospitals.

Cuomo claimed that he was just following President Trump and the CDC’s guidelines, but the CDC guidance actually outlines how COVID-positive patients should only be cared for in designated COVID-19 units.

The former NY governor had been counting total COVID deaths in the state at 43,415, which excluded figures from individuals who died at hospices, nursing homes, and prisons.

With those figures factored in, the total amounts to 55,395, a difference of 11,980.

Those figures had been initially hidden from the public after Cuomo’s aides intervened with a New York Health Department report from July 2020 showing the death toll was 50% higher than Cuomo was telling the public.

Hochul was sworn in as governor on Tuesday after Cuomo resigned in the wake of a state attorney general investigation concluded he sexually harassed his aides.