Source: Kyle Becker

Beleagured New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stunned state residents and the rest of the country by announcing his resignation at a press conference on Tuesday.

Cuomo annoucned that his resignation would be effective in 14 days. Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, will become the first female governor of New York after she is sworn into office.

The governor claimed that he had learned a hard lesson that personal boundaries must be protected and expanded. He also apologized personally to a female state trooper, whom he allegedly touched inappropriately.

“I want to personally apologize to her and her family,” he said. Governor Cuomo also addressed his family.

“Your dad made mistakes,” he said in a comment directed at his daughters. Then, Andrew Cuomo resigned. His departure from office surprised even seasoned political observers.

“Never thought I’d see this day,”  Jabari Brisport, a state senator, said on Twitter.

“Finally!′ Maya Wiley, former candidate for mayor of New York City, tweeted.

“I agree with Governor Cuomo’s decision to step down,” Kathy Hochul tweeted. “It is the right thing to do and in the best interest of New Yorkers.” Advertisements

Mariann Wang, a lawyer for two of the accusers,  said: “My clients feel both vindicated and relieved that Cuomo will no longer be in a position of power over anyone.”

But Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou, a sexual assault survivor, called Cuomo’s speech “horrific.” She said it felt like he was still trying to gaslight the “women he hurt.”

Conservatives on Twitter expressed their surprised to see the once-lionized Democratic governor step down, or otherwise celebrated his looming departure from office.

“He. Is. Out. God bless America,” Cuomo nemesis Janice Dean remarked.

“I am genuinely shocked,” Karol Markowicz weighed in.

“One less pervert in government. Goodbye Cuomo!” Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted. “Keep your hands to yourself, creep!”

The New York Post also blasted Cuomo in an editorial on his way out of office. Advertisements

“Cuomo finally did the right thing, saying he was going to be out of office in 14 days,” The Post’s editorial board wrote. “But despite his pleas of ‘I accept full responsibility’ he accepted none at all. He blamed a ‘hot’ political environment. He blamed his enemies. He blamed Twitter. He claimed holding men to account was ‘unsustainable for society’.”

The Post panned the resignation speech as ‘self-serving’ and ‘tone-deaf.’ That’s the same Governor Cuomo that New Yorkers and the country have been witnessing for years. Thankfully, his time in power will soon be over.