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The New York Times reported that experts advised caution before Israel approved a fourth COVID-19 vaccine injection, warning that too many shots might actually harm the body’s ability to fight the virus by causing “immune system fatigue.”

As Israel rolls out a fourth COVID-19 vaccine injection to curb the spread of the Omicron variant, experts are now warning that too many injections may cause “immune system fatigue,” and actually compromise the body’s ability to fight the virus, the New York Times reported.

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From the report:

“JERUSALEM — Israel is considering whether to approve a fourth Covid-19 vaccine dose for vulnerable people to contain the fast-spreading Omicron variant, despite debate among scientists and a lack of evidence either for or against another booster.

The panel of experts advising the Israeli government on the pandemic recognized that uncertainty, but on Tuesday it recommended giving a fourth dose, concluding that the potential benefits outweighed the risks. It pointed to signs of waning immunity a few months after the third shot, and said that any delay in additional doses might prove too late to protect those most at risk.Trending:Politician Who Broke Down Sobbing In Front of Congress Tells Conservatives They ‘Are The REAL Snowflakes’

But some scientists warned that the plan could backfire, because too many shots might cause a sort of immune system fatigue, compromising the body’s ability to fight the coronavirus. A few members of the government’s advisory panel raised that concern with respect to the elderly, according to a written summary of the discussion obtained by The New York Times.”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has signaled his support for the fourth injection.

“The price will be higher if we don’t vaccinate,” said Dr. Boaz Lev, a member of the Israeli government advisory panel said. “We don’t have a lot of time to make decisions.”

This comes after the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) found that an overwhelming majority of Omicron cases in United States were in “fully vaccinated” people, as National File previously reported.

During an interview with conservative media personality Candace Owens, President Donald Trump said his COVID-19 vaccines were one of the greatest achievements of mankind.

“The ones who get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don’t take the vaccine. But it’s still their choice. And if you take the vaccine, you’re protected,” he said.

“Look, the results of the vaccine are very good, and if you do get it, it’s a very minor form,” Trump continued. “People aren’t dying when they take the vaccine.”