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Sharyl Attkisson never worked at the New York Times but knows how newsrooms work. She was an investigative correspondent for CBS. In 2008, she heard a speech by then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Clinton claimed that on a visit to Bosnia, she had to run to her car while dodging sniper fire.  Attkisson was on that trip and on the Clinton plane. Her reaction when she heard Clinton’s claim was “she didn’t dodge sniper.” In fact, Clinton was handed flowers by a little girl on the airport tarmac.

A few days later, Attkisson exposed that lie. Clinton claimed she might have “misspoken.”

It was one of the dwindling moments at CBS where she was allowed to pursue Democrat lies. She witnesses more and more stories swept under the rug because it might damage people in power. Democrats in power.  After she left her job at CBS she wrote several books – one of those books is titled Slanted.

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Slanted discusses at length how news media creates a narrative and finds facts to fit it rather than just following facts. She discusses how news media are now inclined to pick those preconceived conclusions and then go in search of things to fit the story. Editors will reject pitches that would hurt democrats but gleefully assign multiple people to a story that would hurt Republicans.

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