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New York Young Republicans President Gavin Wax recently appeared on Big League Politics Live where he discussed the problems with the Populist Inc. apparatus that has emerged to exert influence over Republican Party politics following Trump’s presidency.

Wax commented on the impetus for some to move past Trump, which he believes is an error. He pointed out that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the individual who is typically called the heir apparent to Trump, had a troubling voting record in Congress, particularly with regards to foreign policy, before Trump elevated him as a prominent national figure.

“He does have foreign policy question marks. There are a lot of people in the establishment who think he would be a lot more preferable to Trump because they think maybe they think they could control him, they can co-opt him, he’s easier to work with, and maybe there’s some truth to that, and maybe there’s not,” he said.

“I think they would be great on a ticket together… I think that would be the best compromise of anything, but it is unfortunate because I think they’re both great and they both bring a lot to the table, but still I give the edge to Trump overall,” Wax added.

Wax noted that Trump was elected without any infrastructure in place to staff his offices with America First operatives. During a potential second term in 2024, a truly America First staff that can battle the Washington D.C. swamp effectively may be possible to achieve.

“There were a lot of growing pains. He wasn’t part of this world. He was never a legislator. He was never an executive in government. He always was from the private sector, from the business world, and it’s a totally different dynamic,” he said.

“By the end of his first term, his staffing had gotten so much better. Everything was really moving in the right direction. The bad people were slowly being wedded out,” Wax added.

He believes that in a second Trump term in 2024, Trump would have the knowledge to fully understand the nature of his enemies and be better equipped to successfully implement his populist, America First agenda.

“If he were to run again, he were to win and were to get back into office, I think he would learn from his mistakes,” Wax said, adding that he hopes Trump runs for Congress in 2022 to become Speaker of the House to give himself a powerful platform and punish the RINOs heading into 2024.

He also commented on the recent photo op between Gen Z GOP and American Moment, two groups that are supposed to be diametrically opposed, eating lunch and rubbing elbows with each other and how this sends a demoralizing message to authentic America First populists.

That picture can be seen here:

Gen Z GOP meets American Moment— Sam Abodo 🇺🇸 (@blackishwhitish) June 26, 2021

“That meeting with Gen Z GOP was just stupid. It was just absolutely stupid. I mean, these people disagree with you on everything. They’re completely opposed to our agenda. Why do you have to meet with them? Why do you have to take a photo? Why do you have to rub it in our faces? Why do you have to be cordial? I don’t want you to be cordial with them. I want you to fight for us,” Wax said, adding that this sort of behavior is the “gateway drug to David Frenchism.”

Still, Wax believes that American Moment has the potential to create a pipeline of qualified operatives for the America First GOP that is desperately needed to staff Congressional offices and other positions. He believes their Beltway-oriented focus is misguided, however, and could lead to the organization being swallowed up by the swamp.

“The ability to be removed from the real world, to be removed from the daily struggle and issues of working people, it always is going to alienate you, and it’s always going to put you in a different category, It’s going to put you in a bubble, and you’re not going to start really representing who you’re supposed to represent,” he said.

“I think we really need to go hard after the grifters because they are parasites on our movement. They suck our resources. They suck our will to fight. They destroy everything we build up,” Wax added.