Performs even better against Sanders & Warren amongst college educated Americans.

New Zogby Poll Shows Trump Beating All Dem Candidates

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A new Zogby poll shows President Trump beating all the potential Democratic candidates in a hypothetical 2020 run off.

The numbers show that Trump beats Biden 46-45%, he’s ahead of Warren 47-43% and also beating Bernie 47-45%.

The figures also show that amongst college educated Americans, Trump performs even better when up against the farthest left candidates, beating Warren and Sanders 50-45%.


“Trump is winning with union voters (Trump leads 48% to 42%) and consumers-NASCAR fans (Trump leads 63% to 32%), weekly Walmart shoppers (Trump leads 54% to 37%), and weekly Amazon shoppers (Trump leads 54% to 43%),” reports Zogby.

The numbers are particularly impressive given the onslaught of attacks and negative media coverage Trump has received.

“The scale of media involvement in the 2020 election will likely be the most massively biased propaganda effort in the history of U.S. media manipulation,” comments Conservative Treehouse. “Together with the big tech effort from control operatives in social media, the scale of unified effort is likely to exceed Orwellian proportions.”