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It looks like there might be another shake-up at CNN in the offing, this time involving Jim Sciutto.

It sounds like there’s a juicy backstory, from what has been revealed so far.

According to the Daily Mail, Sciutto was ordered to take leave to deal with a “personal situation” after a “serious fall” that he had when he was in Amsterdam earlier in the year. The last Newsroom show he co-anchored with Poppy Harlow was on Monday and CNN isn’t responding to questions about what it is all about. He also published an article on CNN on October 3 about possible nuclear escalation by Russia in Ukraine.

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Earlier this week, The Daily Beast’s Confider newsletter reported that Sciutto “was the subject of a CNN internal investigation earlier this year…after he had a serious fall in Amsterdam enroute home from a reporting trip to the Ukraine” with a unidentified producer even though CNN had their teams “taking direct flights home from Poland.”

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