Source: Dan Lyman

A top NFL quarterback has been placed on COVID reserve status after testing positive for the virus – despite having already received multiple experimental injections.

Ryan Tannehill, starting signal caller for the Tennessee Titans, is reportedly one of at least seven players on the team who have tested positive for the coronavirus this week, along with head coach Mike Vrabel.

Incredibly, the Titans believe around 98 percent of the team has been jabbed or recovered from the disease.

Vaccinated players who are asymptomatic are required to produce two negative PCR tests over a 24-hour period in order to be allowed to rejoin team activities.

The NFL has already implemented ‘enhanced mitigation protocol’ targeting teams with COVID clusters (e.g. Titans), working with the union to reimplement daily testing, masking, distancing, etc. Sills says they’ve seen clusters, but no outbreaks with uncontrolled, ongoing spread,” Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network reported on Thursday.

In July, Tannehill reluctantly began receiving experimental COVID shots, publicly stating that he felt “forced” into the decision.

“The NFL has kind of made it clear what they want to happen. If you don’t fall in line, they’re going to make your life miserable with all the protocols,” he told the media.

Tannehill expressed his frustration at being backed into a corner by the league.

“I wouldn’t have gotten the vaccine without the protocols that they’re enforcing on us. I think it’s a personal decision for everyone. Everyone has to make the best decision for them and their families,” he explained. “That’s kind of our mindset in this building. But they’re trying to force your hand, and they ultimately have forced a lot of hands by the protocols.”

“I want to be able to compete and do the things I think are important to build chemistry and win football games. Ultimately, that forced my hand into getting the vaccine.”