Posted BY: Andrea Widburg

This morning, several American Thinker readers sent us emails informing us that George Soros has endorsed Ron DeSantis’s candidacy.  All stated some variation of the same thing: that’s the kiss of death as far as DeSantis is concerned.  It’s also untrue.  What George Soros envisioned was a three-way presidential election that saw Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis destroying each other, allowing the Democrat to win — just as happened in 1992, when George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot divided the conservative votes, allowing Bill Clinton to win.

It’s true that Soros called DeSantis “shrewd, ruthless, and ambitious.”  Coming from someone who’s exhibited those same qualities (although without the moral center that grounds DeSantis), that does sound like an endorsement.  And if it is a Soros endorsement, DeSantis really is a Trojan Horse candidate, pretending to be an arch-conservative, even as he intends to govern to the left of Joe Biden.

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However, when you listen to what Soros actually said, it becomes apparent that Soros isn’t endorsing DeSantis.  Instead, he fears him.

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