Posted BY: John F. Di Leo

Everything I need to know about the 2022 elections, I learned from Guys and Dolls.

My parents met at a Young Republican Halloween party in Chicago in the late 1950s. They were precinct captains and election judges, first in Chicago, then in Evanston, where we moved when I was one.  Some of my earliest memories include walking precincts, collating brochures, and even sitting in a playpen in the polling place, as my parents honestly counted the votes, late into the evening.

That childhood prepared me for a lot of elections, but not this year.

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The plot of Frank Loesser’s classic musical Guys and Dolls revolves around Nathan Detroit’s floating crap game. While the game itself is technically illegal (like most activities in America today, gambling is only legal if the government gets a cut), a night of gambling is profoundly ethical. Each game, from poker to blackjack, has clear rules to which everyone agrees in advance; you have witnesses watching the play of the hand to keep it honest; you have to pay your debts promptly.

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