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(Natural News) With Democrats now aggressively pushing a coordinated fear porn campaign to try to convince Americans that gas cook stoves are suddenly deadly and must be banned, the so-called “progressives” have cemented their position as being anti-progress. In fact, they are anti-civilization, and they want to take away fire and anything that combusts: Cookstoves, vehicles, firearms, furnaces, and so on.

On top of this, in some Democrat-controlled states, you no longer have the right to flush a normal-capacity toilet. Water restrictions require low-flow toilets that barely do the job, and if you install a regular toilet, you may face punitive fines.

NY Gov. Hochul has just announced she wants to ban all gas stoves by the year 2030, forcing New Yorkers to switch to electric ranges. But since the power grid fails in many storms, such a move would leave potentially millions of New Yorkers with no way to cook or heat during storm outages. This would only worsen the public health / public safety crisis that seems to follow every major snowstorm or radical weather event.

In California, Gov. Newsom has announced that combustion engine vehicle sales will be banned by 2035. The State of Washington will ban them by 2030. In New York, a similar ban takes effect in 2035. In these states and others, transportation options will collapse, leaving private individuals and businesses with few practical options while overburdening the power grid to the point of a meltdown, thanks to both electric ranges and electric vehicles pulling high power demand across a lackluster electrical grid infrastructure.

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Democrats are rolling back their states to the 18th century

As the bans pile up, it doesn’t take long to realize that Democrat-run states are engaged in de-civilization rollbacks of modern advances. They are taking away combustion engines, clean energy sources like natural gas, and reliable water abundance. This is going to produce a two-tiered nation where:

  • BLUE states will be backward, collapsed, crime-ridden hellholes with very little access to functioning power sources, transportation, heating, air conditioning, grocery foods, or other basic necessities. With producers leaving, their economies will collapse into ruin, populated by welfare recipients, criminals, addicts, and anyone too poor to afford a way to flee.
  • RED states will be advanced, modern, and highly desirable, with abundant access to energy, vehicles, affordable gas, water, transportation, food, and more. Economies will rapidly expand with the availability of energy and the importation of entrepreneurs and laborers who are fleeing collapsing blue states.

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