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The child exploiters at Disney are looking at another potential flop with Pixar’s poorly reviewed Elemental.

How’s your Pride Month going, groomers?

The perverts and fetishists at Disney reportedly dumped $200 million into this sucker and will likely spend another $100 to $150 million on a useless promotion campaign. The result…?

Well, the result is glorious.

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Elemental is predicted to open on June 16 somewhere between $31 and $41 million. Ultimately, Box Office Pro says it could fail to pass $100 million. Best case, it hits $167 million domestically. Unless the same overseas audience currently rejecting that stupid Little Mermaid remake powers Elemental to an additional $400 to $500 million, Disney’s predators are looking at a potential wipeout.

In other words, once again, Disney could lose millions and millions and millions, which is exactly what a company deserves when it exposes little kids to male transvestites in a dress.

The tepid reviews are another drag (if you’ll pardon the expression) on Elemental. Imagine how awful this Pixar entry must be to capture a pathetic 64 percent fresh from a corrupt movie critic industry desperate to suck up to all things Disney? Pixar films generally earn fresh ratings of over 90 percent. Even Pixar’s first flop, The Good Dinosaur (2015), earned a 75 percent fresh. Other than Cars 3, which earned 40 percent, a quick scan tells me Elemental is the second-worst-reviewed movie in Pixar’s history.

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