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The ongoing reputational and financial collapse of the Walt Disney Co. is more entertaining than anything this cabal of groomers has produced in over a decade.

On Thursday, Disney’s stock closed way down at $88. For context, in March 2021, Disney stock was worth nearly $200.

Oh, and Wall Street is losing confidence in a big way.

Gee, what happened between March 2021 and Thursday?

Well, the company’s movies are bombing, and the streaming service is a black hole inhaling billions.

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But why is that happening?

Easy answer…

Disney went pure woke and did so in such a depraved way it led the company straight into grooming with the open sexualization of toddlers. The Disney staff’s obvious addiction to the sexual fetishes and perversions that come with the most insidious forms of identity politics has so consumed the company it lost its creative mojo. Star Wars sucks. Marvel sucks. Pixar sucks. The latest chapter of Indiana Jones is somehow earning reviews worse than the previous chapter, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Suck.

But, hey, this is what happens to great characters, franchises, and creators when all of their energies are consumed by an agenda instead of telling a great story. Pile on top of that the burning, grotesque desire to use your product to destroy the innocence of children in the hopes of creating a population of easily exploitable young people, and creativity has no hope.

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