Source: Nan and Byron McKeeby

The normally combative Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is usually playing offense on Twitter, mixing it up with people who try to attack her. She’s not familiar with shyness or timidity.

That’s why it’s striking how quiet she’s been since charges surfaced that her “Chief of Staff Ran Slush Fund – Funneled Over $1 Million in Campaign Donations to His Own Companies”

Yikes! That’s a hell of a charge. AOC should be all over this, right?


Since the story broke at around 3:30pm here is what AOC has had time to urgently tweet about, other than the 800lb scandal in the room.

She’s defended institutionalized anti-Semitism in the US Congress:

Laughably, the tweet she put up just before news of the scandal broke was a clip of herself talking about why she so bravely confronts accusations on Twitter:

Yikes. That didn’t age well.

It’s a good thing AOC supports financial investigations because it looks like her Chief of Staff is going to need a lawyer.