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Midwest and northern parts of the U.S. have continued to deal with rain, snow, and high-speed winds brought by the coast-to-coast storm – while southern states are seeing record-high February temperatures. 

In Minnesota, several feet of snow grounded flights out of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport while nearby states saw highways at a standstill over the precipitation. 

States in the northern Plains have recorded temperatures of -9F while McAllen, Texas on Wednesday hit 95F, marking more than a 100F difference between the coldest and hottest states. 

In typically sunny Los Angeles, the first-ever blizzard warning was issued Wednesday by the National Weather Service with officials warning of ‘extremely dangerous mountain conditions’ for the county. 

To the southeast, parts of Florida are expected to hit 91F Thursday, which would break a record previously set in 1962 at 90F. Some residents in Austin, Texas, were seen sunbathing in the blissful February weather. 

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