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North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) on Monday signed a bill into law that requires public school teachers to inform a student’s parents if they identify as transgender.

House Bill 1522 also prohibits K-12 students from using restrooms that correspond with the gender they identify as, and it bans schools from adopting policies that require or prohibit “any individual from using a student’s preferred gender pronoun.”

The legislation went into effect on Monday with Burgum’s signature.

Burgum previously vetoed a similar bill in March but said the version he signed into law on Monday excludes the “concerning language” that spurred his veto.

House Bill 1522 largely codifies existing practices while reaffirming the First Amendment right to free speech, requiring restroom accommodations, balancing the rights and interests of students, parents and teachers, and not including the concerning language from the previously vetoed and sustained SB 2231.

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