A day after its ICBM launch, North Korea confirmed that it tested its Hwasong-17 ICBM in response to the ongoing South Korea-U.S. combined military exercises.

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Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), one of North Korea’s main state-controlled media, confirmed on Friday that the missile test-fired the previous day was its newest Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

“The launching drill of the strategic weapon serves as an occasion to give a stronger warning to the enemies intentionally escalating the tension in the Korean peninsula while persistently resorting to irresponsible and reckless military threats in defiance of the DPRK’s severe warning,” KCNA reported. (DPRK is an acronym of North Korea’s official name: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.) KCNA said the launch would also “give an understanding of the concern about the armed conflict which has come to a threatening reality, and to more clearly show the practical will of the Party and government of the DPRK to counterattack with overwhelming offensive measures anytime.”

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The Freedom Shield exercise, a regular springtime joint military drill between South Korea and the United States, kicked off on Monday, March 13, and will end on March 23.

According to the KCNA report, Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, guided the launch. Along with other military officials, he again was accompanied by his beloved and respected daughter, Kim Ju Ae, who has appeared at all the North’s major military events since she made her debut at an ICBM launch in November. Her appearances have reignited debates over Kim’s health and the future leadership of North Korea after the Kim Jong Un era.

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