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A North Korean agent faces a firing squad after he was caught using his internet privileges to ‘googleKim Jong Un

Several employees in the regime’s secretive Bureau 10, which snoops on all internal and external electronic communications, were caught surfing the web without authorization. 

North Korea strictly curtails internet access to prevent its people from learning about the outside world, and even agents must seek permission from their handlers to go online. 

But a Pyongyang source said a colleague of the agents at the Ministry of State Security informed them and a subsequent inspection revealed their illicit research. 

The agents were dismissed, and one who researched Kim Jong Un now faces a firing squad, a ministry source told Daily NK, a newspaper based in neighboring South Korea. 

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The source said: ‘Bureau 10 departments are given access to the internet, which had allowed agents to turn off their search word recording devices and search the web as much as they like without issue. 

‘But after a new bureau chief took over, even these previously routine issues have turned into major incidents.’ 

Greg Scarlatoiu, director of the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, said the regime’s attempts to prevent people from seeing information from the outside world were failing. 

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