“I tried to talk to him last night,” mumbles Biden. “We’ve spoke with his staff…”Incident highlights America’s waning influence on world stage under current president.

Source: Ben Warren

All the World Leaders know Biden is a Fraud and will not talk to him!

Fraudulent President Joe Biden was snubbed by French president Emmanuel Macron after trying to congratulate him on his reelection victory.

When asked for comments about the result of France’s presidential election, Biden said an attempt was made to congratulate Macron, but Macron was too busy partying to speak with the president of America.

“I tried to talk to [French President Emmanuel Macron] last night,” said Biden to reporters on Monday. “We spoke with his staff, but he was at the Eiffel Tower having a good time.”

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The incident is the latest demonstration of how America’s commander-in-chief is regarded on the world stage. 

Earlier this month, comedians in Saudi Arabia lampooned Biden in a viral skit that portrayed the president as a dementia-ridden old-timer prone to gaffes unbecoming of a man in his station.

Stateside, Democrats are scrambling to salvage Biden’s disastrous approval ratings ahead of the midterms.