Just when you thought you couldn’t handle any more wonderful factoids about Elon Musk’s total airhead of a brother/Board Member, Kimbal, we find out that he was fixed up with a previous girlfriend by sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein.

Even better is the fact that the woman was reportedly Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, too. 

Epstein was in “regular contact” with Kimbal Musk, who serves on the boards of Tesla and SpaceX, according to a stunning new report from Business Insider.

BI reports that although it was “unclear” how Epstein met Kimbal, Elon’s brother began dating a woman in “Epstein’s entourage” who lived in an apartment building that Epstein’s brother owned. The building had also been used by Epstein himself to house people close to him, including Eastern European models.

Nothing to see here…

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