Posted BY: Rick Fuentes

Republicans are still recovering from the midterms hangover after suffering a stiff dose of how probabilistic mathematics, statistics, blood-red election maps, armchair predictions, and century-long historical trends are collectively no match for the underhanded ground game of one’s opponent.  Giddy Democrats have again put one over on the American people, somehow dodging retribution for a miserable economy and two years of demonizing half the electorate.

Even with majorities in both houses, the Dems faced stiff political and public resistance in their failure to pass H.R. 1, For the Peoples Act, a misnamed Democrat effort to federalize state elections.  Undeterred, state Democrat parties have teamed up with Democrat national campaigns to achieve permanent, quasi-legal destruction of the election process and institutionalized fraud through the pursuit of early mail-in voting and extended ballot deadlines in states that prohibit or curtail these practices.  This campaign is virtue-signaled through baseless and easily refuted claims of voter suppression, racism, and vintage pandemic concerns.  Nonetheless, aggressive Democrat state court challenges have been effective, bringing us to witness the last vestiges of Election Day, a 250-year-old lesson in democracy that has surrendered to a prolonged bout of ballot collection and counting that predominantly gifts high office and power to Democrats.

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The Cook Political Report, priding itself on a nonpartisan analysis of elections, pointed out that the 2022 Republican midterm turnout outnumbered Democrats and put five percentage points more votes on the scoreboard. They reasoned that such a numerical advantage had the probability of creating a twenty to thirty seat majority in the House. 

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