Beloved Haitian pop singer Mikaben died after he collapsed on stage Saturday in Paris. Columbian theater actress also lost consciousness and fell backward after the televised performance.

Posted BY: Adan Salazar

Another week and more bizarre unexplained onstage fainting spells are going viral.

On Saturday, beloved Haitian pop singer Mikaben AKA Michael Benjamin died after he collapsed during a concert in Paris.

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Footage showed him passing out while walking toward the back of the stage.

In a video shot before he took the stage, Mikaben appeared to stop and regain his breath as he was walking up a flight of stairs and looked fatigued.

The Guardian reported the 41-year-old recording artist “suffered a suspected heart attack or cardiac arrest.”

The Miami Herald reports some concertgoers attending Paris Accor Arena fainted when they discovered Mikaben had collapsed.

While it’s unclear whether Mikaben had taken a Covid vaccine, a YouTube description of one of his songs produced at the height of the Covid pandemic, titled, “Pa Manyen m” (“Don’t Touch Me”), did state “I hope we always take precautions to stop the Coronavirus! Follow the advice of the authorities and be vigilant!”

Mikaben’s death happened two days after Columbian theater actress and singer Mary Perdomo lost consciousness and fell backward after a brief performance.

More from Columbian news site El Espectador:

During the broadcast of ‘Día a Día’ last Thursday, October 13, Mary Perdomo, actress of the musical “The Little Prince”, was together with two colleagues from the play making a presentation in the morning program, when at the end of the performance the actress fainted.

Given the situation, the presenter Carolina Soto approached Mary, who was lying on the ground, and requested help from the Canal Caracol staff. “Oh my God, something happened to him, something happened to him, someone help us,” said the presenter as they went to commercials.

In a statement put out by the play’s production company, One Stage Productions posted three days ago, both Perdomo and a co-star reassured audiences she’s fine.

“Yesterday in the @diaadiacaracoltv program of @caracoltv our actress who plays the rose @maryposacanta fainted during the live broadcast of the program that was taking place together with and @felipesanchezth. With this statement we want to tell you that Mary (not Maria or the lady from the Little Prince) is in good health and is in perfect condition. Fortunately, it was nothing more than a scare. We know that the videos have gone viral and there are many people talking about it. Although we always have to get the good things out of everything, we ask for respect for our actress and for the presenter @carolinacruzosorio who reacted in her way as thousands of us would too. We also want to thank @caritosotooficial and the Caracol channel for the help they gave Mary with the paramedics and nurses. We repeat that Mary is in perfect health.”

Perdomo’s vaccine status is also unclear.

To summarize, so far two stage performers have collapsed on stage, with one of them dropping dead – and it’s barely Monday.

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