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(Natural News) Russian President Vladimir Putin is now warning the West about military escalations that could lead to nuclear war. As reported by the UK Daily Mail, Putin warns that a Third World War would be catastrophic for the world. “There will be no winners,” he says, “including America.”

Writing at, Michael Snyder posts additional comments from Putin that speak directly about the possibility of nuclear strikes against American cities or military bases:

“We were forced to try to end the war that the West started in 2014 by force of arms. And Russia will end this war by force of arms, freeing the entire territory of former Ukraine from the United States and Ukrainian Nazis. There are no other options,” Putin said.

“The Ukrainian army of the US and NATO will be defeated, no matter what new types of weapons it receives from the West. The more weapons there are, the fewer Ukrainians, and what used to be Ukraine will remain.”

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And importantly, he emphasized that “Direct intervention by NATO’s European armies will not change the outcome. But in this case, the fire of war will engulf the whole of Europe. It looks like the US is ready for that too.

This “fire of war” refers to nuclear weapons, and Russia has the world’s most advanced assortment of nuclear missiles, including nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles for which the West has no effective defense.

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