Video shows Libyans celebrating Stevens’ death, NY Times claims men are rescuing him

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

A new video which shows Libyans apparently celebrating the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens as his body is recovered from a U.S. Consulate in Benghazi following last week’s attack has been spun by the New York Times to portray the men as rescuers who are trying to save the Ambassador’s life, when in fact they are reveling in his death.

The clip shows a crowd of men attempting to remove Stevens’ body from a window of the American mission after it was attacked with rocket propelled grenades by Islamic militants last week.

“The witnesses said residents drawn to the scene had forced open the window and found Mr. Stevens behind a locked iron gate, pulled him out and taken him to the hospital. In the video, none say anything that shows ill will,”reports the Times, claiming that the men are chanting “Alive, Alive! God is great.”

However, according to an alternative translation provided to us by a native Arabic speaker, there is no evidence whatsoever that the men are pleased Stevens is still alive or are trying to rescue him.

Indeed, the video appears to show the men celebrating the fact that he is dead. Stevens is hauled out of the window and dumped on the floor as the men stick cameras in his face, fist pump the air and chant, “Allauha Akbar” (God is great), which is routinely shouted by Islamic radicals following a successful attack.

There is no indication whatsoever that the men are attempting to save Stevens’ life or get him to a hospital.

Right at the start of the clip, the men are heard shouting “sawer sawer,” meaning “film, film,” hardly the actions of people concerned with saving a dying man.

“At no point does someone say ‘he’s alive’ after the body is pulled out,” our Arabic speaker tells us, adding that the men seem very excited to see Stevens’ body, overwhelmingly suggesting they are reveling in his death, not trying to save his life.

The video also contradicts reports that Stevens managed to escape the consulate but was killed either en route or inside a nearby safe house.

The New York Times’ translation of the video, which has basically allowed them to flip the truth behind the footage on its head, appears to have originated from a Twitter user who supported both the US-backed assault in Libya and the attempt to topple President Assad in Syria by supporting the same Islamic militants.

The NY Times’ brazen effort to spin the footage is another apparent attempt to disguise the fact that the same radical Muslims the Obama administration financed and armed in Libya are now killing U.S. Ambassadors – a foreign policy disaster that many commentators are speculating could cost Obama the election.