Democrats engaged in the political equivalent of a white van with “free candy” written on its side

Source:  Kelen McBreen

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday that children ages 5-11 who are now able to receive the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine qualify for a $100 “bonus” from the city.

Citywide pop-up sites and school vaccination squads will be giving kids pre-paid debit cards loaded with one hundred dollars if they take the experimental jab.

“Everyone could use a little more money around the holidays,” the mayor said, adding, “it buys a whole lot of candy.”

“Every school with kids in the 5-11-year-old range will have a site at least one day,” de Blasio told New Yorkers.

Will the parental consent be strictly verified by the workers of these school vaccination sites?

A UN document making its rounds online instructs health care workers to “allow older children and adolescents to provide assent to the vaccination,” in situations where a parent is not present.

Using money to bait young people into engaging in experimental medical procedures is a textbook definition of predatory behavior.