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New York City’s vegan mayor Eric Adams wants to limit the amount of meat people can eat in an effort to combat climate change.

Adams wants to reduce food-based gas emissions by 33% in the next 7 years.

“Food is the third-biggest source of cities’ emissions right after buildings and transportation. But all food is not created equal. The vast majority of food that is contributing to our emission crises lies in meat and dairy products,” Adams said.

“According to new data released by the city, 20% of the Big Apple’s greenhouse gas emissions come from food production and consumption. The mayor is now vowing to reduce the city’s food-based emissions at agencies by 33% in the next seven years and challenging the private sector to follow suit.” CBS New York reported.

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Last year children in New York City schools, who were already subjected to “Meatless Mondays” were also forced to participate in “Vegan Fridays.”

NYC Mayor Eric Adams forced his vegan diet (doesn’t consume any animal products) of vegetables and fake meat and bean slop onto children.

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