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We all saw it coming. Donald Trump was indicted Thursday night in the classified document investigation. We know it’s a witch hunt, and the whole affair was spearheaded by anti-Trump zealots in the highly political Biden Department of Justice. We can shout all we want—Trump is still indicted, and a trial date will be set. 

 If it’s slated for next year, Trump will be saddled with multiple trials, one more ludicrous than the other. However, it’s hard to see how the Republican Party can run effectively with their presumptive frontrunner under indictment. Should Trump win the nomination again, how can the GOP campaign without being peppered with questions about Trump? I’m referring to the race’s own ticket. The voters will settle that question. As for the charges, that’s another issue: who’s leaking details of the indictment? 

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Unsurprisingly, this investigative team has more leaks than the Iraqi Navy, but some of what we learned Thursday night shouldn’t have been disclosed. Also, as Katie noted, this indictment dropped just as we discovered smoking gun evidence that Joe Biden was involved in a bribery scheme. 

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