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The city of Oakland, California is grappling with a significant crime problem, prompting concerns and frustrations among residents. Criticism is directed at the District Attorney (DA), who is reportedly backed by George Soros, for allowing the situation to deteriorate. The level of crime has reached a point where police are advising residents to use unconventional methods for self-defense, such as employing air horns. This advice has raised skepticism, as it seems implausible that loud horns would deter armed criminals. A tragic incident underscores the gravity of the situation, as a 60-year-old retiree named David Schneider was fatally shot while tending to a tree in his yard. This incident has left neighbors like Toni Bird feeling unsafe and confined to their homes. Bird emphasizes the need for home protection measures, including barricading residences.

The surge in crime has led Oakland police to recommend using air horns to alert neighbors about potential intruders, as well as installing security bars on doors and windows. Toni Bird, a resident who recently moved to Oakland, has taken these recommendations seriously. She has equipped her home with multiple air horns and an array of security cameras. Bird’s decision reflects the escalating sense of danger in the community, with crimes becoming increasingly violent and their consequences more severe. Moreover, there is a perception that vulnerable individuals are being disproportionately targeted by criminals.

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In summary, Oakland, California is grappling with a surge in crime that has left residents feeling unsafe and vulnerable. The use of air horns and security measures like adding bars to doors and windows is being advised by the police as a response to the rising criminal activity. Despite skepticism about the effectiveness of air horns as a crime deterrent, residents like Toni Bird are taking these measures seriously in an effort to safeguard their homes and well-being.It is important for local authorities to address the root causes of this crime surge and implement comprehensive strategies to ensure the safety and security of Oakland’s residents.