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Independent journalist Alex Berenson’s lawsuit against President Joe Biden, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a Pfizer board member, and other government officials for pressuring Twitter to ban him from the platform has taken a controversial turn. Berenson’s case was initially assigned to a Trump-appointed judge, but it was later announced that Judge Paul Engelmayer, an Obama appointee, would be hearing the case instead.

Berenson’s lawsuit claims that the actions of the government officials and Pfizer board member violated his First Amendment rights and targeted his constitutionally protected speech and journalism. Berenson has been a vocal critic of COVID-19 vaccines and their efficacy in stopping infection and transmission, sharing data sets and studies to support his claims. However, Twitter claimed that he violated its policies and suspended him.

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This ban harmed not only Berenson but also a class of nearly 100 million Americans who had questions about the vaccine or did not want to be forced to take it. Moreover, it clearly violated their right to access information and engage in free speech.

The fact that Berenson settled a previous lawsuit with Twitter and Twitter acknowledged that it shouldn’t have banned him further strengthens his case against those who pressured Twitter to silence him. Berenson’s lawsuit seeks to block the government from targeting him and others.

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