Posted BY: Jim Hoft

Investigative reporter and TPUSA host Drew Hernandez interrupted Barack Obama while he was speaking at a campaign rally in Arizona over her support of Katie Hobbs, who has a proven record of blatant discrimination against African-American people.

On Wednesday, Barack Obama led a rally in Phoenix, Arizona for Democrat candidate Katie Hobbs. His visit took place six days before the election, at a time when polls continue to indicate that Republican Kari Lake is leading Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in Arizona’s gubernatorial race.

Drew Hernandez began shouting at Barack Obama at the rally for supporting Katie Hobbs, who has a history of engaging in discriminatory behavior toward black people.

“Wait, wait, hold up, hold on,” Obama shouted back. “You have to be polite and civil when people are talking, and then you get a chance to talk.”

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“Set up your own rally. A lot of people worked hard for this,” Obama continued.

“Democrat supporters unleashed screaming in my face and deported me from the rally,” Drew Hernandez said.

Watch the video below:

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