Peaceful Jan 6 Capitol protester Paul Allard Hodgkins has been handed an eight month prison sentence for the crime of taking a selfie and praying on the Senate floor.

Hodgkins only spent 15 minutes inside “the People’s House” but after being threatened with a hefty 20 year prison sentence he accepted a plea deal last month leaving him facing a recommended sentence of 15 to 21 months.

Obama judge Randolph Moss on Monday sentenced Hodgkins to 8 months in prison and pompously gave the court a lecture a bout how Hodgkins had taken part in an “assault on our democracy.”

Per AP:

In pronouncing the sentence, Judge Randolph Moss said that Hodgkins had played a role, if not as significant as others, in one of the worst episodes in American history. Still he chose to give Hodgkins a year less in prison.

“That was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a protest,” Moss said. “It was … an assault on democracy.” He added: “It left a stain that will remain on us … on the country for years to come.” reports: How does one take part in an “insurrection” or a “assault on democracy” without violence?

Antifa attacked Trump supporters and rioted all over DC during Trump’s inauguration in 2017 and they ended up getting rewarded for it with the city handing them a $1.6 million settlement.