Even while campaigning for somebody else, Barack Obama can’t help but talk about himself.

During two appearances for Hillary Clinton on Thursday, the president referred to himself a total of 207 times — 110 in Miami and 97 in Jacksonville, Florida.

“Now, I have to say that I’ve been going to some college campuses and I realize that eight years ago some of you were ten,” Obama said during roughly 43-minute speech at Florida International University.

He then went on to defend his own record on the economy, energy and Obamacare.

“Can I just say I was driving through North Carolina yesterday and we passed by a gas station … and I noticed gas at $1.99.”

“Thanks, Obama,” he said, echoing someone in the audience.

During the Miami speech, he mentioned himself 30 times before talking about Hillary Clinton.

Here’s Obama’s speech in Miami:


Meanwhile, at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Obama focused a little less on himself before mentioning Hillary.

He talked about himself only 27 times before talking about his candidate and a total of 97 times during the roughly 41-minute speech.

Criticizing congressional Republicans, Obama said, “I mean, Democrats have their flaws. I promise you. I know them.

“Just like I got my flaws. I understand, we all got blind spots. But generally speaking, Democrats have consistently tried to work with the other side and do reasonable things and just make the government work,” he said.

He accused Republicans of opposing “anything good for the country” if a Democrat proposes it.

“In fact, sometimes I propose things that are in their platform just to see what they’ll do. And they’ll say ‘no’ and I’ll say, ‘But, you just proposed this.’ Don’t matter.

“‘We can’t do it now cause you proposed it’,” Obama said, apparently talking like the Republicans.

“‘In fact, it’s your fault we can’t support it because you supported it even though we said we wanted to do it.’”

“I’m not on the ballot, I’m not on this ballot,” he later said to boos.

Here’s his full speech: