Source: CD Media Staff

The illegitimate Biden administration just embarrassed itself again. And no, we’re not speaking of the PR disaster of Joe Biden falling down the stairs of Air Force One today, which showed the world America is utterly weak at the moment.

We are speaking of the pathetic performance of Secretary of State Tony Blinken and National Security ‘Advisor’ Jake Sullivan in their ‘negotiations’ with the henchmen of the Chinese Communist Party during their recent meeting in Alaska.

The American delegation was ‘dressed down’ by the Chicoms, who told the Biden regime who is now in charge, AND IT’S NOT WASHINGTON. You can watch the horrendous video of the meeting in the Twitter link below.

It is now completely obvious, and beyond reproach, that Biden was installed during a coup to unseat the duly-elected President of the United States Donald Trump. Biden didn’t campaign, barely left his basement, and now cannot handle the job of President. In fact, we believe he isn’t in charge, but just a public face on TV.

Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Kamala Harris, Susan Rice and Xi Jinping are running the American government.

We must fight this communist takeover of America.