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Judicial Watch has acquired 18 pages of records under the Massachusetts Public Records Law, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the death of Tafari Campbell, former Personal Chef of Barack Obama. The records indicate that Campbell’s clothing was discovered “separate from the body.” The Edgartown Police Department’s documents further reveal that the Secret Service had reported Campbell as missing, and his body was eventually located using sonar technology.

Campbell’s lifeless body was found in a pond situated behind Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard estate on July 23, 2023. The records encompass a July 23 CAD (computer-aided dispatch) Incident Report, which stated that a Secret Service Agent had indicated that swimmers could not locate Campbell, who was last seen wearing all-black attire and riding a paddleboard. The report also mentioned the deployment of rescue swimmers and a zodiac boat to the scene.

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As events unfolded, the Oak Bluffs Fire Department initiated a dive team search at 8:25 p.m., followed by the dispatch of a Coast Guard helicopter and a state police helicopter at 8:36 p.m. Ultimately, the dive team located Campbell’s body the following day using sonar technology. Sgt. William Bishop’s report concluded that the investigation would now be overseen by the Massachusetts State Police and The Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton expressed concerns over the lack of transparency surrounding Campbell’s tragic death.

Fitton highlighted the revelation that the Secret Service had reported Campbell missing, underscoring the need for persistent efforts to obtain information regarding the incident. The acquired records provide insight into the events leading up to the discovery of Campbell’s body and the subsequent investigative steps taken by authorities.