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Jeffrey Epstein’s child trafficking victim Sarah Ransome has told a court in the UK that she “made copies of tapes of high-ranking officials raping children and committing other horrific crimes.”

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If you are wondering why the mainstream media is so determined to suppress this story, the answer lies in the names of the elite VIPs who are involved.

Ransome further claimed that “the footage shows Obama and Michelle having sex with a victim.”

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As news breaks that Barack and Michelle Obama have been named and shamed by one of Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking victims, it has never been so important to understand who Michelle Obama really is.

According to official documents obtained from the Illinois State Board of Elections, former First Lady Michelle Obama was registered to vote as a man from 1994 until 2008. The official documents also reveal Obama officially changed her sex to female in 2008, the same year her husband was running for the presidency.

The official documents were obtained from the state of Illinois by documentary maker Joel Gilbert who explains that he decided to “take a serious approach” to learn about Michelle Obama’s background because the mainstream media refuses to touch the topic.

But Gilbert didn’t expect to find proof that she registered to vote as a man for fourteen years.

Gilbert was stunned when he received Michelle Obama’s official voter registration cards from 1994 and 2008. Describing the process of unraveling Michelle Obama’s “changing sexual identity,” Gilbert writes:

Having recently obtained official documents from the state of Illinois, here is what I can say with assurance: I found proof in official documents that Michelle Obama registered to vote as a man in 1994. I also have official proof that, after 14 years of voting as a man, Michelle Obama changed her sex in 2008 from male to female. This is not more social media silliness, this is fact. I obtained the documents from the Illinois State Board of Elections only last week. Here is Michelle Obama’s official voter registration card from 1994 when she registered to vote as a man. The letter M is circled under Sex.

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