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Officials warn that wildfires in Canada will continue to burn with increased severity this summer, potentially spewing intermittent smoke over the lower 48 states for the coming months.

Forecasts prepared by Natural Resources Canada indicate that throughout June, July, August, and September, wildfires will burn across larger swathes of the forest than in previous years.

The smoke last week that sent US air quality ratings to record levels may return throughout this year’s wildfire season. 

The extent to which smoke from Canada is steered onto the lower 48 states will be determined by wind patterns. For as long as the fires do burn, atmospheric currents could steer smoke into the lower 48 states. 

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Last week’s severe bout of fires was thought to have been triggered at least in part by a bout of lightning, igniting the fires across predominantly southeastern Quebec, as well as jet stream currents forced smoke over the East Coast and Midwest.

That left residents of New York City and Philadelphia, among other places, in dense smoke that turned the sky yellow and caused officials to warn people to stay inside.

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