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CNN‘s Don Lemon takes the day off from The Morning Show just one day after he apologized for his ‘sexist’ remarks about women being ‘past their prime’.

Lemon, 56, made the comments on Thursday’s episode of the show as he and his co-hosts discussed Nikki Haley’s proposal that politicians ages 75 and up should face mental competency tests.

Kaitlan Collins opened the show by saying that their co-host ‘has the day off’ as Poppy Harlow joked that she was going to ‘complain to bosses’ after going to the all-star NBA game in Utah.

Lemon was replaced for the day by Audia Cornish, with the show not acknowledging the comments that he made the day before.

CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment from, but the hosts did reference that Lemon would be missing from the show on Thursday. 

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They said: ‘A special treat. Audie is going to be joining us tomorrow, Don’s going to be off, Poppy is going to be on assignment anchoring from Salt Lake City.’

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