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As we’ve noted here, when it comes to The Art of the Deal, Biden doesn’t have it, which was painfully exposed when he pulled the trigger on a bad deal to get back WNBA star Brittney Griner who has been detained in Russia for months. In February, Griner was jailed on drug charges, with vape charges containing cannabis oil on her person. It was for medicinal purposes, but it’s illegal in Russia. A months-long legal circus carried allegations that the Biden White House either didn’t know or care that an American was being detained overseas. It also didn’t help that Griner’s detention occurred just as the Biden administration and the rest of the West slapped sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. 

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To complicate matters, a pre-arranged phone call between Griner and her wife, Cherelle, was botched when no one was at the front desk of our embassy in Russia to connect the call. It was on the couple’s anniversary, no less. The Biden administration did apologize for this oversight, citing staffing shortages on weekends, but this call was scheduled weeks in advance. It only added to the narrative that the Biden administration was incompetent, which isn’t necessarily a lie. Since then, Cherelle has been quite critical of how the Biden White House had handled this whole affair, especially since Donald Trump was able to get Lavar Ball’s son out of China when the latter was allegedly involved in a shopfitting incident there. 

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