Now that one president is facing prosecution over flimsy charges, when will former presidents who lied the U.S. into wars, committed war crimes, and lied under oath face justice?

Posted BY: Jon Bowne

Now that the mental disease of the Trump Derangement System has crossed the Rubicon and set the precedent by dragging a President into a courtroom over flimsy politically fueled charges, the question arises, when do other DAs across the country begin doing the same with former presidents?

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Judging from the expediency of former President Trump’s rush to judgement, Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barack Obama should be detained poste haste.

Bill Clinton

What Donald Trump has weakly been accused of, Bill Clinton has exploited to maximum effect. Escaping justice from allegations of sexual assault from at least a dozen women over five decades. Paying off Paula Jones to the tune of 850K. Setting a get out of jail free card precedent for former Presidents and their exploits. Except for Trump that is.

George W. Bush

Members of the Bush Administration and his cohorts Tony Blair, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld guilty are war criminals for torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment. Selling the ruse to a devastated American populace, claiming that 15 citizens of Saudi Arabia, along with pilots from the United Arab EmiratesEgypt and Lebanon  who received flight training in south Florida were responsible for the mysterious events of building 7, the Pentagon, and Shanksville.

Barack Obama

Not only was Obama responsible for horrific crimes against humanity. Authorizing 540 drone strikes. One of them wiping out 20 civilians in Pakistan. While another targeted a wedding procession in Yemen killing 12 and wounding 15 others including the bride. 

Obama’s knowledge of the United States Constitution allowed him to subvert the founding document in ways that make Benedict Arnold look like a patriot. As Liberal law professor Garrett Epps (a professional acquaintance) admits that “….Obama leaves the Constitution weaker than at the beginning of his terms.” Epps labeled Obama’s posture to be one of “aggressive compliance,” torturing statutory language as far as it can go in order to avoid constitutional claims.

The subversive overreach is too numerous for this short report. Obama’s unconstitutional intervention in Libya in 2011, to the Chrysler bailout violation of the Constitution’s Takings and Due Process Clauses, Net Neutrality, Obamacare, Dodd Frank, DACA, the authority to arrest and hold individuals accused of terrorism without due process under the 2012 NDAA, to the modernization of the Smith Mundt Act. Legalizing propaganda on American citizens by our own government, setting totalitarian precedents for the O’Biden Administration and the advancement of the Bilderberg Agenda.

And the treason imbued in the Biden family criminal enterprise exceeds mafia crime families with a contemptuous laundry list of pay to play foreign involvement, total disregard of classified document protocol, blatant incestuous pedophilia and obedience to the directives of the New World Order. Biden’s destruction of the United States was no accident.

But of course, all of these crimes have been aided and abetted by the unelected federal bureaucracies running the show. And by show, I mean the scum lying to us every day on television.

The power to explore corruption has become our government’s modus operandi. Will Americans fall to their knees to the rampant treason occupying its birthright? Or will America stand as a Republic one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all?