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A former high school teacher in Oklahoma is facing three felony charges for allegedly stalking and grooming at least 10 students.

Serena Cator, 43, was arrested on March 16 and released on $15,000 bail. Cator was charged with three counts of engaging in sexual communications with a minor by use of technology.

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Cator was a home economics teacher at the McLoud High School in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. She was fired in December.

An investigation into Cator began last November after a student told her mother that a home economics teacher was having sex with a student.

“We received the information from the school in November 2022, so the investigation pretty much started then,” McLoud Chief of Police Kyle Webb said. “It took a little while [since] it was a pretty in-depth investigation, and then we turned everything over to the DA, and they filed three counts against Serena.”

The investigation revealed that Cator was sending sexually explicit messages to at least 10 male students, according to the affidavit. The students ranged in age from 14 to 18.

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