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Joe Biden had quite an end to his trip Wednesday, stumbling up the stairs of Air Force One again, as he headed back to the United States after a three-day visit to Europe that included stops in Ukraine and Poland.

Biden, 80, surprised the world Monday by showing up in Kyiv, Ukraine, after a secret flight from Joint Base Andrews, through Germany, to Poland, and then a sleepless, 10-hour journey across the border to Ukraine by train.

The president memorably fell up the stairs of Air Force One just two months into his administration in March 2021. In June, he also fell off his bike while spending a weekend away in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  

Biden wrapped up two days in Warsaw Wednesday with a meeting with the Bucharest Nine leaders, who represent NATO‘s eastern flank.  

Before the meeting, Biden called Putin’s decision to leave the New START nuclear arms treaty a ‘big mistake’ and vowed to ‘defend every inch’ of NATO as diplomatic tensions between Washington and Moscow further deteriorated. 

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Seated at a round table with Bucharest Nine leaders, Biden sarcastically referred to Putin as a ‘friend.’ 

‘The irony is that – one of the last conversations I had with our friend in Russia, was I said, you keep asking for the Finlandization of NATO, you’re going to get the NATOization of Finland,’ Biden said. 

Both Finland and Sweden are in the process of joining NATO.

‘As NATO’s eastern flank, near the frontlines of our collective defense, many of you know better than anyone what’s at stake in this conflict. Not just free Ukraine, but freedom of democracies throughout Europe and around the world,’ Biden told the Bucharest Nine leaders. 

Biden swore that the U.S. would defend ‘literally every inch, every inch of NATO.’

‘What literally is at stake is not just Ukraine, it’s freedom,’ he reiterated later in his remarks. ‘The idea that over 100,000 forces would invade another country. Since World War II nothing like that has happened.’ 

Biden noted that since a year ago, ‘things have changed radically.’

‘We have to make sure we change them back,’ he said.  

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