Posted BY: Renee Parsons

There is a general consensus that a dozen or so U.S. senators who are most aligned with the America First movement have screwed up royally by allowing the 4,100-plus-page omnibus $1.7-trillion budget to be adopted — and they know it. 

None of them was willing to play hardball on behalf of their constituents or on behalf of the country.  None apparently recognized that a nay vote was not sufficient or had the fortitude or common sense to filibuster or read the entire document into the Congressional Record in order to slow its progress into the new session of Congress.  How else could the American people or even members of Congress know the exact specifics of runaway government spending and what mysteries are hidden within this largely sequestered omnibus? 

There is also general consensus that about twenty U.S. senators who are part of the McConnell Club (AKA RINOs) also screwed up royally by repeatedly joining the Democrats for assorted omnibus votes as the country’s indebtedness rose to an unconscionable $31 trillion (not counting Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid).  Meanwhile, the Uniparty have yet to discover exactly how severely their constituents and the rest of the country have been alienated.   

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