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f you want to understand how a collection of highly classified documents could be removed from a secure facility and wind up being distributed to the public, let me introduce you to a CAOC. I know that CAOC sounds a bit like CHAOS, but that is just a serendipitous coincidence. While the following images are real (they were taken at the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar about four years ago) this particular CAOC has nothing to do with the operation underway in Ukraine. I am using it as an example of what the U.S. European Command is doing in Germany to coordinate U.S. and NATO support for Ukraine.

A Joint EUCOM, NATO, Ukrainian Operations Center would include U.S. and NATO personnel from all member countries, as well as representatives of Ukraine’s military, carrying out activities such as collecting and distributing all relevant intelligence, liaison officers who coordinate activities, such as drone Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance aka ISR, operations planning, communications, and logistics.

The following paragraph and photos come from a U.S. Central Command website for United States Air Forces Central and illustrate the actual look and complexity of a Joint or Combined operations center.

The Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) commands and controls the broad spectrum of what air power brings to the fight: Global Vigilance, Global Reach, and Global Power. Located at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, the CAOC provides the command and control of airpower throughout the U.S. Central Command Area of Responsibility; a 21 nation region stretching from Northeast Africa across the Middle East to Central and South Asia. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Jessica Montano)

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There is a room separate from what you see in these photos where the TOP SECRET information is handled. There are no photos of that room. TS material is NOT, I repeat NOT, allowed on this floor, because you have representatives from different countries working side by side. While there are some desks on this floor that handle SECRET NOFORN reports and documents, it is on screens and the personnel cleared for that sit in a separate section of the main room.

I learned today from media reports that some of the leaked information is classified as TOP SECRET because it reports on intercepted phone conversations between South Korean officials. That explains why the overall report, which contained some documents marked SECRET or SECRET NOFORN, carried the overall classification of TOP SECRET. Just because the parent document is TOP SECRET does not mean that every intelligence report in that publication is TOP SECRET.

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