Source: Joe Hoft

One year ago today President Donald Trump was in the process of being elected to the greatest Presidential win in US history.  Then the greatest steal in world history came crashing down on America.  

One year ago today, Americans went to the polls to vote for making America great again or for a retreat back to the Obama years of corruption, lies, and the destruction of America.

President Trump set numerous records in the 2020 Election.  He won more legitimate votes than any President in history and any Republican in history, becoming the first candidate to win over 70 million votes.  Trump won 75 million votes.

Trump won the 2020 Election and it is evident in so many ways. 

Before the election, we knew Trump was going to win big based on election rallies.  Trump had 1.1 attendees at his rallies to Biden’s less than 2,000.

Trump won 16 of 17 Bellweather counties in the 2020 election.  A sure win for candidates up to the 2020 election.

We uncovered all sorts of anomalies.  We reviewed data from election night and found millions of Trump votes that were either switched to Biden or lost.

President Trump and America saw the obvious fraud in the 2020 election results.

We saw vans under arenas secretly dropping off tens of thousands of ballots for Biden in the middle of the night in Detroit.  We saw hidden suitcases dragged out from under tables in Atlanta with thousands of ballots all rammed into vote tabulation machines with only Democrats present.   We saw boxes taped to windows so no one could see what was going on in rooms where counting was taking place.