But plurality think acceptance of transgenders is “good” for society.

Posted BY: Paul Joseph Watson

A new poll has found that only 28 per cent of Americans support transgender athletes being allowed to compete in female sports tournaments.

The survey, conducted jointly by the Washington Post and the University of Maryland, asked participants whether “transgender women should not be allowed to compete with other women and girls” either in college or professional sports.

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Only 28 per cent of respondents think biological males should be free to compete against women, while 58 per cent said they should be banned from taking part.

68 per cent of respondents believe that trans athletes “would have a competitive advantage over other girls” in youth sports, with only 33 per cent of respondents thinking they should be permitted to compete.

However, the poll found that a plurality of 40 per cent thought that greater social acceptance of transgenders was “good” for society, while 25 per cent held the opposite view. 35 per cent don’t think it matters either way.

As we highlighted last month, top doctors told the New York Times that transgender swimmer Lia Thomas still has an unfair advantage over biological females despite the athlete having undergone testosterone suppressing therapy.

Female athletes who have questioned whether Thomas has an unfair advantage have been branded “transphobic.”

Another person who is clearly biologically a man was allowed to easily win a prominent women’s surfing competition in Australia.

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A bill to ban biological men for competing against women was first introduced by Republican Rep. Greg Steube of Florida in January 2021, but the GOP has had trouble moving it forward.