Posted BY: Jason Mattera

Let’s get right to the point: Where are all the splashy full-page ad campaigns from purported Christian “leaders” condemning the moral degeneracy of this Biden administration?

Or does being a “prophetic witness” to the “political class” only gain a renewed interest in elite evangelical sectors when the person occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has an “R” next to his name?

For context, let’s rewind back to 2017.

Shortly after Donald Trump assumed office, he issued an executive order that suspended travel into the United States from seven countries and paused most refugee resettlements for 120 days. The order was largely temporary, and its goal was to give officials time to improve the security process of vetting those coming from nations that were hotbeds of Islamic terrorism.

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This executive order was smeared in the press as a “Muslim ban,” even though most Muslim territories were excluded from the list and even though President Obama signed something similar during his presidency, but without the comparable media meltdowns.

What a difference that “R” makes!

That difference is not just for D.C. journalists either. It’s for many evangelicals as well, who are all too eager to “punch right” and “coddle left” in their ongoing effort to curry favor with the left-wing gatekeepers of America’s cultural institutions.

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