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There have been all kinds of bad and bogus narratives about our open southern border with Mexico. The narratives prove real investigative journalism in this country is now officially dead. The most common narrative these days (if we hear anybody attempting journalism at all) goes like this, “Is Joe Biden completely incompetent about our open southern border, or is he just clueless?”

Anybody who has been following globalist billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Foundation knows that he wants open borders for America, which will destroy our sovereignty. Their misinformation campaign of Soros begins when this question is asked, and then he answers:

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“Is the United States an open society?

We are an open society. The principles of an open society are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. And the institutions of our democracy are protected by our Constitution. The fact that we have a bunch of far-right ideologues in our executive branch does not turn us into a totalitarian dictatorship.”

Some adhere to the idea that America must be an “open society” rather than a “capitalist economy.”  Some adhere to America must be a “managed democracy,” as of a book written in 1927. Those who are nationalists adhere to the ideal we are a “constitutional republic” before anything else.

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